Fairytale Festival 2013

FAIRY TALE FESTIVAL “The Power of Fairy Tale” 2013

“Tell me a story!“

May 24-25, 2013 Haapsalu Culture Centre and Children library.

Fairytale FestivalThe celebration of the princes and princesses

The Castle of Haapsalu, 25th of May, at 12.00-15.00.

Schedule of the celebration:

12:00 Opening the celebration and introducing the programme.12.15 The party starts with dancing – a dance instructor will teach the steps of moderndance. It takes place in the courtyard of the small castle.12:30 to 14:45 Adventurous Fairytale game which includes various workshops.The game is being managed from the “headquarters”, where each player will get aworksheet and instructions for the first workshop.

The game consists 10 different workshops/tasks:

  • Constructing
  • Royal photo studio
  • Tell me a story
  • Duel of the princes
  • Shoe of the Cinderella
  • Fight with the dragon
  • Knowing the weapons
  • Laboratory experiments
  • Resuscitation of the Snow White
  • Making a name badge of the Fairytale Festival

14:30 Short fairy performance

15:00 Closing a fairytale adventure – thanking for all the participants.

It is possible to join the crowd during the entire event. To entertain all theparticipants after this adventure there will be a face-painter and a pony ride. It is alsopossible to use the bow trail and the drawing board – all the masterpieces will go tothe exchibition in the Youth Centre of Haapsalu.


“The Power of Fairy Tale” is organized for the third time in Haapsalu. The first international conference “The Power of Fairy Tale” was in 2009. It was organized by Haapsalu city government and by the Central Library of Lääne County. The first day was dedicated to presentations and the second day to workshops. The stakeholders were those who lead the reading and learning to read processes as well as other enthusiasts. As the event was a success and received a lot of positive feedback, the organizers dared to repeat it in 2011. “The Power of Fairy Tale” became a festival with a subtitle “Creativity Through Fairy Tales”. The first day was a conference for adults but on the second day there were activities for children in the whole city. And in 2013 we want to organize another festival of “The Power of Fairy Tale” with a subtitle “Tell Me a Story!”

The mayor of Haapsalu Mr Urmas Sukles said when he opened the fairy tale conference in 2011 that every day a fairy tale is born in Tagalaht in our city – referring to the swans that nest there and to the famous fairy tale of the ugly duckling by Andersen. The magic image of Haapsalu is supported by the children’s creativity competition “Sten’s Fairy Tale competition” organized by fellow citizens Ann and Ants Roos for twenty years already, the world of images by Ilon Wikland and the theme park Ilon’s Wonderland that help to visualize the stories – it all contributes to turning the idyllic city where the artist grew up into a fairy tale.


“Tell Me a Story!”

People still love stories, even though we live in a very modern and busy world. Only the ways of telling stories have changed. An image, a theatre show, a film, a story (on paper or in the computer) – it is still about one person telling stories to another person, just like centuries ago stories were told. And also our children ask us, just like centuries ago, to tell them stories. It is very wise to notice that interest and to make the most of it – by telling stories we can also convey attitudes, values, knowledge, the stories of our families, the stories of our countries and our nations. Children can also be story-tellers, as they need to improve their oral skills that may have been a bit neglected, as the modern world uses other ways of communication. We could have more opportunities where the children have a chance to tell a story and to see their listeners.

Festival, 2013

The Fairy Tale Festival “Tell Me a Story” will last for two days, from May 24 to May 25.The first day of the festival offers a conference and the second day workshops for the leaders of children’s reading – teachers, pre-school teachers, librarians, writers, illustrators, parents and others, interested in the topic. By their agency the impact of the conference will reach the children’s reading. Conference will take place at Cultural Centre of Haapsalu.

We have invited presenters from the Nordic countries to share their experiences and stories:

Magmar Undheim from Norway will tell stories from Sirdal;  a librarian and an educator Agneta Möller- Salmela from Finland will share different ways and methods in her work with children and books; a professional storyteller Jens Peter Madsen from Denmark will present his studies on “narrative relationships” between children and adults; and a lecturer at Reykjavik University Dr. Anna Heiða Pálsdóttir will build her presentation up on the children’s literature of her own country.

Besides several authorities from the Nordic countries we expect specialists from Estonia to take the floor at the conference: a librarian and a writer Krista Kumberg, an art expert of the Centre of Children’s Literature of Estonia and an illustrator Viive Noor, a writer and a translator Kätlin Kaldmaa, a story telling specialist Piret Päär, a jomybooks website representative, who will introduce how the page of stories works.

They all are asked to give a 20-minute presentation about their experiences in storytelling, or an analysis of a method and its results, success, impact; or they would discuss about what kind of stories the listeners expect or the story-tellers want to tell. Since writers, artists, theatre performers, teachers, journalists, film makers, librarians, musicians, singers and children – in a way they all are story-tellers, therefore we hope to see different presentations, that are definitely inspiring, emotional and encouraging

This time we intend to work together with the Hungarian Institute and the Estonian Children’s Literature Centre, who will organize a common project in 2013 where the Hungarian artists illustrate Estonian fairy tales and vice versa. There will be an exhibition of illustrations in Haapsalu Cultural Centre.

The second day offers two different workshops at the Children library by Estonian storyteller Piret Päär and Agneta Möller- Salmela who introduce methods and practice for the leaders of children reading.

On the second day there will be a lot of magic events and activities organized everywhere in Haapsalu, that will bring joy to both children and adults, the main focus being on performing arts that involve children themselves. The festival will try to be versatile and include many different areas and combine them through the theme of fairy tales and storytelling.

Target Groups

May 24, 2013 or the conference day: librarians, leaders of reading activities (teachers, parents, pre-school teachers), creativity teachers, youth workers and others.

May 25, 2013 or the festival day: families, children of all ages, leaders of reading activities, creativity teachers and others.

Idea and vision

The objective of the festival is to create new knowledge, to learn new things and to widen the horizons, to develop new relationships with our neighbours and to exchange experiences about children and reading, how to encourage them, how to create interest in books and reading, analyze the reading habits etc. The future plans include a cultural exchange on a larger scale.

We would like the fairy tale festival to become a tradition in Lääne County, to expand and to become even bigger. Haapsalu is a children friendly city that has a sweet “fairy tale city” aura and is therefore a perfect place to have discussions and to generate new ideas.

It is also a unique project in Estonia. In the modern world, in the age of consumerism, where children have so many different options how to spend their free time, it may be the last chance to reflect on if and in what form our children need stories, reading them and listening to them in the traditional way.


  • new knowledge and experiences in the following areas: storytelling or book reading, the different ways to tell a story, the influence of fairy tales on the development of children,  the role of fairy tales  in forming values and attitudes;
  • the origin of a fairy tale as an oral heritage is valued;
  • storytelling is valued;
  • there will be a cooperation network of writers, librarians, teachers, parents, children and others who are interested in the theme of fairy tales;
  • A new unique tradition is born which will become an important cultural event in the whole Lääne County and the region will be known both in Estonia and in the Nordic countries.

Our Partners from Estonia

  • Municipality of Haapsalu
  • Youth Centre of Haapsalu
  • Culutural Centre of Haapsalu
  • Creativity Center of Haapsalu
  • Ilon`s wonderland
  • The Episcopal castle of Haapsalu

Our partners from abroad (conference)

  • Agneta Möller-Salmela – Hanko, Finland. (confirmed)
  • Jens Peter Madsen- Denmark. (confirmed)
  • PhD. Anna Heiða Pálsdóttir- Reykjavik University, Iceland. (confirmed)
  • Magmar Undheim- Norway (confirmed)

Conference organizers

Conference organizer is Central Library of Lääne County, which is located atHaapsalu. Our festival team consists of libary stuff and a member from theMunicipality of Haapsalu and Youth Centre of Haapsalu.

  • Project leader – chief specialist Marika Matvei
  • Reporting and accounts- director Ilme Sepp
  • Foreign quest relations and conference program- head of the children’sdepartment Kristi Alaküla (kristi@lib.haapsalu.ee)
  • Estonian quest relations and conference program- the bibliographer ofchildren´s department Krista Kumberg
  • Conference registration- chief librarian Kersti Brant.
  • Logistics and foreign quest contact person- Kristi Märk Youth Centre ofHaapsalu (kristemy@gmail.com)
  • Marketing- Municipality of Haapsalu, public relations specialist Tõnu Parbus.

Central Library of Lääne County homepage: http://www.lib.haapsalu.ee/

Conference contacts

Conference team contact e-mail: muk@lib.haapsalu.ee

Project leader – chief specialist Marika MatveiContact: marika@lib.haapsalu.ee; +372 472 4492

Municipality of Haapsalu, public relations specialist Tõnu ParbusContact: tonu.parbus@haapsalulv.ee; +372 472 5345

Fairy Tale Festival official homepage: http://muinasjutt.haapsalu.ee/

Festival contacts

Project leader – head of the Haapsalu Noorte Huvikeskus Kristi Karm

Tel: 473 4036
E-mail: haapsalunoor@gmail.com

Haapsalu Noorte Huvikeskus`s youthworker Tiina Alasoo

Tel: 473 4032
E-mail: tiina@haapsalunoor.ee