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This is the fifth time when the conference THE POWER OF FAIRY TALES will take place in Haapsalu. The conference of 2017 will keep pace with the topic of the year, which is dedicated to the children and the youth culture. The conference is named “We Grow up with Stories!”

The presentations deal with the following topics: children in the stories and the stories that surround them.

In fairy tales it is often so that the central character is a child or a young person who, through their experience and ordeals, grow and strengthen in soul and body. Those, who are kind, sympathetic and selfless, find their happiness. They find kind helpers and experience miracles. They learn to master their difficulties and discover their own abilities, which they had not been aware of earlier.

While being part of these old stories, every listener or watcher goes through the process of growing. The stories are full of lifelong wisdom; they forward, straightforwardly or allegorically, ethical norms that are also true nowadays.

If we want our children to be good companions in our lives, we should tell them fairy tales. The old stories act like bridges between generations.  While there is difficult to find a novel that all three generation have read, there are fairy tales, which can be the topics over generations: between mothers and children, grandparents and grandchildren. Fairy tales are an inevitable part of one’s childhood.

The history of fairy tale conferences in Haapsalu goes back as far as the year 2009. Then, as we are going to do this time, people from different countries of the world who appreciate fairy tales, were invited to share their experience and knowledge. The main target group of our conference are the leaders of reading: parents, librarians, teachers, activity leaders, everybody who has taken the culture connected to children close to their heart, who consider fairy tales as an important part of children’s life and want to foster the culture of telling fairy tales.

The second conference took place in 2011 and it was named “Creativity through Fairy Tales”. It was focused on the fields, which have been inspired by fairy tales. The third meeting at Haapsalu in 2013 was named “ Tell Me a Story”. The conference of 2015 was dedicated to Estonian poet and writer Ernst Enno, well loved by both children and grown-ups, and was called “Take Me to the Rainbow”.

We look forward to seeing you at our conference – THE POWER OF FAIRY TALES.

The working language is Estonian.

The conference will take place at Haapsalu Cultural Centre (Posti 3) on June 1, 2017.

The registration (in Estonian) is open here.

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